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Welcome to Facial Aesthetics & Beauty

The Clinic With A Difference 

FAB offers aesthetic & beauty treatments to suit you. At FAB you are at the front of every decision and are cared for by a practitioner who is passionate about the ever changing world of aesthetics.

I am Ellie and I own FAB, when you contact FAB or attend my clinic it is me who will answer your questions, respond to queries and treat you. I build a relationship with my clients and take every step to ensure you have the knowledge and are empowered so you can decide what is best for you.

Why is consultation so important?

Aesthetic clinic
Aesthetic clinic

You will always have a bespoke facial profiling consultation when you embark on your journey with FAB. This takes around 45 minutes, I will take pictures and you can explain what tweaks you think you need. I will then explain what treatments will achieve your goals, what the procedures involve and the costs. You are under no obligation to have a treatment, if I do not have a treatment that will help you achieve what you want then I will always suggest an alternative and point you in the right direction. I do not recommend practitioners, however will arm you with information so you can decide what’s best for you.

I believe you should never feel pressured or be expected to have a treatment on the same day as your consultation. My signature facial profiling service ensures your facial goals are heard and together we can decide a treatment plan, when you do come for a treatment it is not the first time we have met. I welcome people who know what treatments they want as well as those of you who know you would like a treatment however are unsure what treatment you need. If you are new to the aesthetics world then FAB is for you. FAB is unique in its full consultation approach and will not adhere to the cosmetics conveyor belt culture that has become accustomed in some practices.

On the day of your treatment every effort is made to make you comfortable and relaxed, there is no rush and long appointment slots ensure this. You will go away with a full aftercare package and will always receive a review appointment as well as communication from myself in the days following your treatment. All my clients have my personal mobile number so should you have and queries you can always reach myself.

I offer some amazing treatments, I am fully qualified and insured to deliver these treatments. I was trained by an aesthetics nurse and refuse to cut corners. If you are thinking of having a treatment from anyone I urge you to ask questions, check reviews and insist on more from practitioners.

This is your face

At FAB I believe in looking after the planet, we are passionate about recycling, sustainability and against animal testing.

Get in touch and book a consultation or watch the video to find out more

At FAB you will always get a VIP treatment, there is no big sell and a consultation is just that, not a quick chat just before a treatment. Your treatment will not be on the same day as your facial profiling consultation, this ensures you have time to digest the information before your journey starts.


FAB Facial Aesthetics has been shortlisted in the UK Hair and Beauty Awards. FAB Facial Aesthetics, Dunstable - Aesthetics & Beauty business professional renowned for providing customers with first-class service – is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted in the UK Hair and Beauty Awards in the Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2022 category. Obviously I'm delighted as last year was so tricky for everyone, I couldn't have got this far without my loyal clients.

HBA awards

Brows & a Blow Dry £30

Book a brow maintenance appointment with FAB and then have a wash & blow dry by the team at the amazing Pixie Red.

New clients for brows will need to pop kin for a patch test at least 48 hours before their brow appointment 

Call Ellie on 07412418690 to arrange this.

Ellie is really helpful and not just there to take money off you if she thinks you don’t need a particular treatment. Ellie is honest and friendly and that goes a long way.

- Gemma, from Luton

FAB is great if you’re looking for a professional service. Ellie took the time to map my face out and talk about my needs which helped me make an informed choice.
Since having my treatment people have commented on how good I look but can’t put their finger on it. If you’re looking for professional and honest Ellie is you girl!

- Abigail, from Bedfordshire

Important Information 

Age and restrictions 

The legal age for aesthetics in the UK is 18, at FAB I will not provide an aesthetic treatment for anyone under the age of 21. This is a personal choice and my reasoning behind it is because your face shape can change between the years of 18-21 and I do not believe augmenting it is acceptable and reasonable. If you look under the age of 25 please ensure you bring ID to your consultation.


Bookings can be made online of by making contact with myself. I do not accept walk in appointments. No shows will be charged for.


Aesthetics is a wonderful tool to use, you can be enhanced and tweaked. I always aim for very natural results. If you want to look like someone else then FAB is not the clinic for you. Please remember that when you see images on the internet, especially social media that this person has used filters, taken 100 pictures to edit 1 semi decent one and post it. They do not wake up looking like this. That photo you see is not a realistic or achievable version. There is nothing wrong with having a treatment (I have them), you need to find your own beautiful x

Find out more about Pixie Red Hair

Pixie Red was first opened in December 2020 & has an amazing team of ladies to make you look and feel great. Click on the logo above to find out more about Pixie Red and the team.

FAB has some amazing collaboration deals with Pixie Red, Brows & a Blow Dry £30 and a Valentines Special facial & a Cut and Finish £60. Pick up vouchers in store or entire for more details.

Location & Opening Hours

FAB is conveniently situated in Pixie Red Hair on Lowther Road, Dunstable LU6 3NL

Pixie Red is a beautiful, friendly salon. It has plenty of free parking and is located out of town for a moved relaxed and easily accessible environment 

Opening Hours are Tuesday - Thursday 9am-9pm,  Friday 9am-2pm & Saturday 9am-6pm