About Skincare

The FAB Skin range is made by me. It’s vegan, natural, not tested on animals and contains no nasties.

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There are so many skincare brands on the market and yet they are all the same, promise the earth and do not deliver. FAB Skin is built on the ethos that; packaging should be recyclable or reusable so no waste ; skincare should be honest ; products should be natural ; no animals should have to undergo testing and products should be affordable.

The range has been developed through trial and error and I back all of my products personally, if you do not like them, I will refund you. 

Squalane Gentle Cleanser

What am I all about? Squalane is sustainably derived and used to impart softness on your most delicate features, by promoting micro-biome diversity & hydration for healthier looking skin. Citrus oil has an uplifting aroma (smells lush) and is also a natural degreaser, vitamin e is a powerful antioxidant that may assist in protecting your skin from free radicals and nasties!

Detoxing Toner

What am I all about? Manuka floral water has calming, antibacterial and rejuvenating properties when applied on your skin, team that with Juniper berry floral water, which helps to eliminate toxins and dead skin build up, this toner is ideal for sluggish skin.

Green Clay Mask

What am I about? It comes as a super fine powder sourced from France making it full of essential vitamins and minerals. The mask will cleanse you pores, clear blemishes and control sebum production whilst giving you firmer skin, detoxifying and nourishing your face. You mix this at home with water and can add a few drops of your sleep tight elixir for a truly luxury experience. Each tub contains 10 masks and is in thoughtful packaging so no waste.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

What am I all about? Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin, it absorbs up to 1000 times its own weight in water (amazing). As well as keeping your skin moisturised it plumps it, smooths it and keeps it looking radiant. 

Vitamin C Serum

What am I all about? Vitamin C is an amazing cosmetic ingredient to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. This product will smooth away dullness. As well as being amazing it is vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

ACE Moisturiser

What am I all about? ACE stands for Vitamin A, C & E. This moisturiser really has it all. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that prevents sun damage and disrupts the collagen breakdown process in out skin. Vitamin C revives and rejuvenates & vitamin e nourishes and protects and is effective at reducing UV damage. This moisturiser is a fantastic anti-ageing product.

Vitamin C Moisturiser

What am I all about? Jojoba oil makes for excellent skincare products which moisturise, nourish and protect. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps control sebum production & also has a natural SPF of 5 (bonus) which further enhances its skin caring benefits. Sea Buckthorn oil is the most nutrient and mineral rich oil on earth! promoting hydration, elasticity and cell rejuvenation. Vitamin e is another antioxidant (this stuff is full of it) that may help protect your skin against free radicals. L-absorbic acid (pharmaceutical grade vitamin C, not to be confused with 'vitamin c' in which the molecules are too big to penetrate your skin and have the same benefits), alleviates skin inflammation and works at a cellular level to 'reweave' your skin - lovely stuff!

Sleep Tight Elixir

What am I all about? Did you know your skin is at its most active as night while you sleep. This is when is repairs and replenishes. Why not give it a helping hand with this blend of carefully selected light oils to penetrate and nourish.

The Konjac Sponge Company

FAB has teamed up with the amazing Konjac Sponge Company to stock these 100% natural and biodegradable facial sponges. The Konjac (similar to a potato in Japan) root is infused with vitamins and minerals, and formed into this marvellous creation. It gentle cleans and exfoliates your skin and helps with a whole host of skin complaints. Find out more about this and my other products by browsing the shop.

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