Fat Dissolve & Anti-wrinkle Injections

Fat dissolve and body contouring has landed at FAB. 

At FAB we pride ourselves on using the latest techniques and products to make you body confident. We use Lipolab solution, which is derived from soya beans, to dissolve your stubborn pockets of fat. Lipolab is administered using the no needle pen and in the next 8 weeks that solution safely breaks down fat cells and they exit your body through your lymphatic system.

This treatment can be performed anywhere you have stubborn fat pockets, it could be you chin, arms, back, hips, thighs, pubis or indeed tummy. This is not a solution for weight loss but an alternative to expensive liposuction and its much less invasive. There is no down time, swelling and bruising is minimal and apart from not being able to drink alcohol and exercise for 48 hours post treatment you are free to go about your normal daily life. Most people attain their desired results in 6-8 sessions, FAB has pay as you go packages available so there is no big outlay for you treatment. Certain areas are charged at cost as FAB believes money should not be a barrier for certain areas.

These before and after pictures show my chin, no matter what I did the excess fat did not budge, until I dissolved it. The after photo was 3 weeks later, my chin still looks amazing. Sessions must be 4 weeks apart, book your free consultation today!

Anti-wrinkle Injections
Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscle thus slowing down the progression of lines and wrinkles. If you don't have them yet then you can avoid them for longer, and if you do have them FAB recommends also having dermal fillers to lessen their appearance.

Feel free to contact Ellie for more details