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FABs £40 facials are a luxurious treat. Your skin will be deep cleaned, massaged and exfoliated - leaving it feeling fresh and cleared of the daily pollution that leaves our skin looking dull and dehydrated. Facials are individually tailored depending on what your skin goals are. Luxury Facials, Mild Peels and Dermaplane Facials are available under the £40 facial banner! Upgrade with a luxurious hand treatment, for just £6, and get a 15 minute LED Therapy session completely free!

BB Glow from £50

Facial waxing is also available from just £5!

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Facial Treatments

A 60 minute skin rejuvenation treatment administers the award winning serums directly into your upper-dermis layer of skin using a no needle Hyaluron Pen or micro-needling. There is no down time after and the treatment falls under the non-surgical category. It is similar in nature to mesotherapy and the long lasting effects are a youthful glow, rehydrated and rejuvenated skin. A course of treatments are recommended. FAB also offers BB Glow and a signature dermaglow facial treat. Add a dermaplane to any facial treatment for just £25 and receive a FAB Skin Serum worth £9.

Targeted Mesotherapy or Microneedling £55

Full Face Mesotherapy or Microneedling £80

FABs Signature DermaGlow Skin Rejuvenation £100

Skin Boosters from £350 for 2 sessions

We also do Vitamin B12 injections for £29

Facials & Facial Treatments can help with a host of skin imperfections and complaints including : hyperpigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, age spots, freckles, acne, blackheads, loss of fullness, scarring, stretch marks and lots more! Book your consultation today using the book now button.

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