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Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at my website and read this. 

My name is Ellie I have a young family that includes 2 boys (3 if you count my other half). I live in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and built my brand over lockdown. It gave me an opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do. I now spend more time focusing on myself and enabling myself to grow as a person as well as doing a job that I look forward to daily.

I am passionate about aesthetics & Beauty and changing the current conveyor belt culture that some practitioners adhere to. I have been to these before and I very much dislike the idea of booking a treatment when you don’t know much about it or who will be doing it. You should know what it entails and what other options are available to you, even if I do not offer this option, I pride myself on not over selling, putting you first and being honest about what’s achievable. Aesthetics is a great tool, but it not a magic wand and it’s so important to be realistic. 

I love my work and am always looking out for the best products and services to add to the FAB brand.

If you would like a consultation or have any questions please get in contact.


All aesthetic prices include a full facial profiling consultation, this is your no obligation opportunity to meet your practitioner and decide what is best for you. I would never expect you to have a treatment as a result of a consultation. 

You will always receive a follow up well being call from Ellie at FAB after your treatment, you will receive a substantial aftercare kit and package (this varies depending on what treatment you have). 

FAB offers the best wrap around service hands down, you are at our centre every step of your journey. This is not your run of the mill aesthetics clinic. I am always happy to take enquiries from people and if you are undecided, nervous or know what you want then we are the clinic for you.

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